The F Word

Looking at food and its culture from my Spanish retreat we invite you to join me to learn more about healthy eating and how to cook those tasty dishes you buy out. With the help of our nutrionist partners we will discuss 'is a Juice enough?' Along with discussions on other quick meal replacements. Our onsite Practical Workshops will prepare you for when you return home to be more adventurous and include more healthy options in your menu.  Collaborating with local producers, we promise the workshops will be interesting and practical. Workshops will cover both plant and meat options. Season permitting, we will include fruit and vegetable picking.

Fresh & Local

May 30th- June 4th Join us for the Cherry Picking Festival & Cardio in nearby Salazdella. It's all about the Cherry and its antioxidant benefits. Yoga will also be delivered outside, taking in the ambiance of Sant Mateu. Other workshops will include picking Olives, Almonds, Honey, Figs, Prickly pear just to name a few of the local produce.                                                               



daily nutrition workshops

Visits to local restaurants to learn about the local Gastronomy            (the relationship between food and its culture) 

Seasonal fruit and vegetable picking

Whats Hot and Whats Not

Guest Chef