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Cassandra Simmons

Cass Fit

Certified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer

I have always been an active person and got into keeping fit from my  teens so it is a very significant part of my lifestyle. I want to share my enthusiasm for fitness with others who have the aspiration to become a better and stronger version of           their selves

As a parent I know it can be difficult trying to balance family and a career but believe me finding that time for yourself and your health is also very important  and a great example for your family and friends.

I really enjoy assisting my clients in reaching their goals and I understand that every client is different so I pride myself in adapting workout to each of their fitness levels.

I am passionate about using correct form,  proper technique and  injury prevention in a fun environment. So if you are tired of the same day to day workouts and are looking to be pushed outside of the box,  Cass is the trainer for you!