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Anthony Gaskin

Working in the NHS 14 years St. Georges and currently Great Ormand Street, has allowed me to witness some of the biggest killers to the human race. One imparticular disguised killer is food.

If you are what you eat? A lot of us are already sitting on a time bomb, but before you decide never to eat food again allow me to give you a better understanding of what and why. Medically Certified, I will share my knowlege with you.
BodyBlastBites, will help you make better eating choices that can be incorporated into your everyday eating needs. The perspective is to look at, what and how we consume food.

This work shop is functional not a fad, it's holistic with a practical approach to start incorporating better, tastier and nutritious eating habits. 

Join me for fruit picking (depentand on season) "If I Can DO It, You Can too" interactive cooking sessions along with Whats in the basket!!!

I look forward to meeting you