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Clara Mosha 

Business name: 

Ultimate Physique Training by Clara Mosha

 Business Title: 

Body Transformation Coach

Brand Mission: 

To help women over 40 to build a stronger, healthier and better version of themselves through exercise, diet, fitness and mindset coaching.

BodyBlast In The Sun 2018 Offering: 

I will be teaching Metabolic Conditioning Sessions aimed at getting the client stronger, fitter, and healthier.  The client results include fat loss, a better more shapely physique, improved fitness, improved health, increased self esteem and increased feel good factor. 

The client will work within set timed intervals in order to utilise the body’s energy system for maximum results.  We utilise all outdoor areas.  In terms of equipment the sessions will include bodyweight training, the use of equipment such as dumbbells and any weighted equipment available. I will also be utilising the agility ladder. 

Name of Training System:

Metabolic Smart Training System