It's Still A Blast...


Those that know, know!!!
For those of you that don't, welcome to BodyBlast Workout. Aged 58 and with 40 years in the fitness industry, “age is not just a number”. I am blessed to still be able to deliver my self freestyled High Intense Workout toe to toe with my clients.                                  

Transitioning from Paragon Old Kent Road, La Fitness Peckham, YMCA Stockwell, Aspire West Norwood and now St. Clements Dulwich all different locations that have tested me some more than others, however that BodyBlast vibe has never died.  

Holidays, never the right time

What started out as our little hidey-hole has become the base for our Retreats. Clients requesting, almost demanding to come away with us!!! Exercise? Holiday? What did they want? After giving it some thought we decided to offer both....


Starting with just a few clients and slowly increasing year on year. We have decided to keep the personal touch and keep it boutique, offering a sophisticated and specialized service for our clients.

Costa Del Azahar also known as the "Orange Blossom Coast" our chosen location, a rural village maintaining much of its original architecture, unspoilt yet providing all the modern amenities if you choose not to leave the village.   Surrounded with 360 degrees of mountainous views, a short drive to the  Mediterranean Sea we have captured the best of both worlds. 

The old town seamlessly integrates with the new builds, projecting charm and modernisation without losing any of its character. 

Thank you to all the attendees over the years and all the support from family and friends.




 Theo Jacques "The BodyBlaster"