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BodyBlast since 1978, the Total Body Workout. High Intense Cardio and Toning all in one. BodyBlast is the all rounder. Catering for all abilities, alternatives are always shown.                                                    


Bodyblast In The sun

Goodbye to the hustle and bustle of city life, holla BodyBlast In The Sun Fitness Retreat. Without the every day life distractions lets concentrate on you being the better you. Weight loss & Detox programme.              



Love food like me, join me on my food journey. Trying recipes and bringing guests to showcase their favourite dishes. Do you have something to bring to the table?

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"Bring a friend or make a friend"  

A few guests have attended our retreats independently. Making new friends has added to the experience.




"Your Adventure Starts Here" 



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Lets discuss the F Word. Food can make or break us, join us for fruit picking, cooking classes and nutrition workshops with guest speakers, last but not least competitions. Will you join us for FREE to cook your favourite healthy meal.


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